Our day to day //

We bet on good results

We are a company with 12 years of experience, specialized in technological solutions and business analysis.

Constancy, Trust, Organization, Professionalism.

They are our basic pillars

Meta, is characterized by arriving in time and form to the needs defined by the client. It provides the confidence to accompany the client in making decisions about their business systems.

Qualities that last over time

  • Passion and commitment for what we do.

  • Communication and teamwork.

  • Empathy and understanding of our clients.

  • Knowledge and innovation.

  • Motivation and inspiration from life itself.

    We are used to telecommuting. Creativity and constancy are key factors.

    Empathy and understanding with teamwork and communication that make it possible

    Extensive knowledge that leads us to take a step forward in the continuous improvement

We have been working side by side with Meta for more than two years in the creation of the Technological Center and the development of a local technological community of excellence, which currently provides services to the region and the world.”
Marcelo Ferreyra , Scientific and Technological Center of Trenque Lauquen Undersecretary of Modernization, Science and Technology

“In Meta we found a true technological partner. Their technicians have knowledge and experience, but also a real commitment to interpret and meet our needs and objectives.

Mercedes Carluccio, Municipality of Trenque Lauquen, Director of the SME Area

“In Agriglobal we had come from a bad experience and we found support and accompaniment in Meta. They helped us have control over the already started project and jointly helped us define medium and long-term objectives.”

José Luis Velasco, Agriglobal – Acay Agro SA Development Manager and Commercialization