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“For more than a year I have been coordinating a mixed team, with internal programmers and Meta programmers. The integration of Meta technicians into the dynamics, culture, tools and procedures of Lab Technologies has been very effective and the human relationship is excellent.
Alberto Tostado, Project Leader at Lab Technologies SA (Switzerland)
“The optimization of costs and resources that we have achieved with the Meta solution for Health insurance and prepaid health coverage is truly remarkable. With the MISAMI app we have fully exploited digital channels and simplified the lives of our members during the pandemic.”
Daniela Herrero, SAMI Trenque Lauquen Medical Circle (Argentina)
“We have collaborated with Meta for several years. In a strategic and long-term commitment, we have found a technological partner to successfully extend our development team outside of Europe, obtaining an excellent relationship between investment and results.”
Alfredo Benes, Lab Technologies S.A. - CTO Smartlis (Spain)


In cooperation with the government and study centers, we participate in the training of talent, developing training plans in different technologies to train professionals and supply the growing demand for specialized IT resources.